We offer Team as a Service. With our flexibility, ability to learn in a fast-paced environment and to drive challenging projects from the beginning to the end – the Client can take as much skill and expertise as they need and pay as they go.

We needed to include a challenging subproject into our main project and chose /dev for this task, because we already knew about the high quality work they deliver. Working together with Maciek was a breeze as he quickly understood the existing codebase due to his broad experience. So he could seamlessly develop and integrate the new features. I want to point out that the communication with Maciek was always quick and on point so we were always aware of what was happening and thus received exactly the results we expected!

Tristan Zürl – CTO & Co-Founder of inContAlert

The Engineers from Slashdev acted very professional even in times of critical situations. We asked them to help us with the software development on a micro controller with environmental sensors. They did a profound job based on solid scientific research and were able to deliver a product of high quality in time. Beside that, they understood the administrative part of the project very well for their own part and the big picture – that’s been a big asset. We’re more than happy to count on their experience anytime in the future.

Peter Hasenstab – Project Manager at relayr

Throughout our cooperation with the /dev team, they provided the highest level of expertise, professionalism, and technical solutions. Their extensive knowledge and experience ensured all project deadlines and milestones were reached without delay. Always communicating with clarity and detailed precision, the /dev team contributed to the overall success of our various projects. I recommend the team at /dev as a reliable and expert business partner for any level of complex projects.

Shawn Silberhorn – Senior Director, Conrad Technology Center (CTC) at Conrad Electronic SE

A team worth recommending – with only professional, committed and dependable people. Eager to give the client the best, complete product: from low level drivers to abstract models. /dev keeps deadlines and takes Client’s suggestions into consideration. If something is impossible, they will let you know and provide with alternative solutions. I’m completely satisfied with their services.

Thorsten Lubinski – CEO of DiaMonTech

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